Saturday afternoon on 9 June was a joyful occasion for thirty-five young people who took their first Communion at the 4.00 pm Mass at Pater Noster Myaree. The entrance hymn "Come Together Let's Celebrate" was certainly appropriate for the occasion as immediate and extended family members, together with friends packed into the Church.

Where ever possible the young people were actively involved in the Mass examples being the reading of the Word, the prayers of intercession and the presentation of the gifts. The following photographs show the readers of the prayers of intercession.

Following is the group of five young people who explained the process of bringing the gifts to the altar.

Before the conclusion of the Mass another special event took place that demonstrated to the young Communicants the notion of commitment. They had taken Communion and committed themselves to Jesus and another commitment they were likely to make as young adults was one of love for life to another person in the sacrament of marriage. Leon Del Rosso was one of the First Communicants and present in the Church were his grandparents Leo and Nina Del Rosso who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion they were called forward by Fr Joseph and before all present renewed their wedding vows first given to each other fifty years earlier.

After the Mass the First Communicants gathered in front of the altar for a group photo. Two images follow.

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