The Christmas Eve Family Mass is remaining a very popular Mass on the Pater Noster calendar, as shown in the two following photographs.

Supporting the younger participants at the Mass were the Pater Noster Youth group musicians. The Parish is very proud of these young people and the professional manner in which they craft their musical and voice talents.

The young children were asked to dress up as a person from the nativity scene. We were able to capture at least one little angel on camera.

Participating in the Mass is a key element of the Family Mass. In the following photograph are a team of young people sharing the reading of The Word

Deacon John bravely abandoned the pulpit to deliver his homily. Standing in front of the altar he invited young children to come and sit on the carpet to hear his word. Part of the very large group that formed is shown below. The homily was presented in an interactive mode and hands shot up to signal they wanted a turn to make their response to what Deacon John was saying.

At the Prayers of the Faithful another team of young people offered intercessions.

A moment of unity.
Hands are held as the young people join Fr Joseph at the altar to say the Lords Prayer.

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