Fr Joseph Lee, Parish Priest of Pater Noster, celebrated a special Mass on 8 June 2013 at which thirty-six first communicants were welcomed to the altar to partake of the Bread of Life. Parents, grandparents and family friends attended leaving standing room only in the Church.

The children were a credit to their families and to those who prepared them for the wonderful occasion. The Welcome, Readings and the Prayers of the Faithful (Petitions) were performed by the communicants. All the communicants participated in a modified offerings procession. Communicants formed a chain from the back of the Church up to Fr Joseph at the altar. The Gifts of bread and wine were passed down along this chain to be received by Fr Joseph.

The following photos show the communicants preparing to enter the Church and then performing their various roles and also assembled around the altar during the Lord's Prayer. Finally there is a photo of all the communicants taken at the end of the Mass.


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