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Pater Noster has a columbarium located outside the church on the Evershed Street side. The remains (ashes) of loved ones whose bodies have been cremated can be laid to rest in this tranquil and prayerful area with a metal plaque prepared to remember the deceased person. Memorial plaques can also be arranged without the internment of ashes.

Contact Deacon John Kiely for further information.


The Blessed Sacrament chapel is accessed from Marmion Street presbytery car park. The chapel is accessible any time for quite meditation and Exposition. A key code is required to enter. Please contact Deacon John or Father Joseph for the code.

The Safeguarding


The Perth Catholic Archdiocese is committed to the safety and security of all children and young people. The Diocese recognises the need to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults and aims to achieve this through the Safeguarding Project. The Project is child focused and informed by a fundamental belief that children have the right to physical and psychological safety at all times.

Policies and proceedures have been put in place throughout the parish and all clergy, staff and volunteers are required to comply with the policy, procedures and practices outlined in the project. Trained Safeguarding Officers have been appointed your parish and their role is to assist you in all matters pertaining to concerns regarding the safety of children and vulnerable adults.

If you have any safety concerns about a person in the parish or about a child protection or child safety issue, you can discuss it with our Parish Safeguarding Officers Caroline Bourke (m: 0411 145 076) or Mary-Ann Bath (m: 0437 799 169).

See safeguarding.perthcatholic.org.au for access to further information including:

1. Commitment Statement

2. Code of Ethical Conduct

3. Personal Declaration

4. Safeguarding Handbook